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Our engineering section comprises of four units. Each unit is situated at different locations. Every unit is equipped with world class machine tools, equipment & state of the art facility In addition to this, our dedication and focused R & D team has always shown keen desire for technical up gradations to ensure high performance standards for our machine. Our all four engineering units has combined man-force of more than 250 people. Their hard work and dedication help us to make a world class product. Our machine shop have a strength of more than 100 machine tools comprising of traditional lathe machine, radial drills, boring machine, heavy duty planners, various hobbling machine, bevel gear generator, bending and shearing machines, grinders, miling machines and shapers. Wide global reach & sales in countries.


Powerfull Strategy

Our team brings a wealth of premium products and has 20+ years' experience to support the global top level business.


Flexible Service

Thanks to our integrated quality control system and in-house mold making, you can get reliable parts of a consistently high standard.


Modern Technology

Our top suppliers of products are located all over the world, which can provide timely and convenient after-sales service support.


Great Support

With rich sales experience, our experts always stand by you to understand your requirements and quickly solve your problems.

Delivering Excellence With Business

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Indutrial Solution

Gantry/E.O.T. Cranes

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Line Polishing Machine

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Orthodox Multi Blade Cutters

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Our gangsaws have been in the market for more than a decade...

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Experience gained in the past decades, we have improved these machines to a new generation.

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We have a a wide range of stone processing machines.

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Trusted Worldwide Client

Our challenge is to constantly upgrade on our technology through continues research, engineering and customer application in our chosen fields of business..we live by high values of integrity and excellence in management. We aspire to give our customers tailor-made solutions and world class products and services to reinforce our partnership with them. We seek dependable partnership with our suppliers to generate strong mutual interests in each other well-being. We strive to contribute substantially to the globe priority areas of energy conservation, environment protection and enrichment of society.

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Ashish Sharma


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Quality Control Systems, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, End-to-End Service, Highly Professional Staff, Work Precision, Accurate Testing Processes, On Time Delivery

We strive to keep our work unique and smart, and here we all work with the motto that is to create revolution worldwide with our innovations. The main thing that makes us best is that we focus on the creativeness and dedication of every person who is Baba Engineers's member. We here create a new place where we focus on innovating creative machines and concentrate on a better future with our team.

We always focus on providing promising services, and delivering satisfaction to our respective customers is our main priority. Our machines are always designed and tested under the guidance of experts, which makes our machines highly durable and efficient. We have more than 180+ machines in production capacity per quarter, and for every machine lifetime, spares are available. There are several things that Baba Engineers still has to cover to maintain its position in the market to make it best from the rest of the companies.

Baba Engineers regularly maintains the quality standards throughout the production phases that allow us to provide the broadest range of stone processing machine products with excellent quality and eliminate defects for the machine. The company has always focused on contributing modern, well-defined, and valuable services as an essential complement to our customers' high-quality and high-performance machines. These products are of the best Quality Engineering. Our customers and our employees both serve us equally to encourage and spread our business and improve quality and disseminate best practices throughout the company.

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